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Dr. Isaac Shih-hao Huang received his PhD from Michigan State University. Specializing in comparative politics and research methods, he investigated the impacts of party cohesion on democratic accountability in his dissertation. To be specific, Shih-hao's studies investigate the politics of income inequality, party polarization, economic voting and party nationalization. Also, he has co-authored a paper regarding the trust-eroding effect of corruption in East Asian democracies, which has been published in Taiwan Journal of Democracy.


His recent research focuses on legislators' issue ownership, legislative organization, the effects and institutionalization of party negotiation mechanism in Taiwan. His work, titled Rethinking the Decentralization of Legislative Organization and its Implications for Policymaking, is forthcoming in Government and Opposition: An International Journal of Comparative Politics (SSCI). Another article regarding How Formal Parliamentary Negotiation Affects Policymaking is published in Parliamentary Affairs (SSCI). This research receives the 2018 Ministry of Science and Technology Research Award for Postdoctoral Research Fellow. Other publications regarding Taiwan's legislative politics appear in Taiwan Democracy Quarterly and Soochow Political Science Review

In the near future, he will be working on veto player analyses of parliamentary negotiations and study legislators' attitudes toward democratization through text analyses of parliamentary queries before the onset of Taiwan's democratization. Legislative politics aside, he will be researching the development of automated industries around the world and its relationship with political institutions. This very project has been awarded with the Young Scholar Fellowship (Columbus Program) by the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2019.  

黃士豪為密西根州立大學政治學博士。士豪的主修領域為比較政治,副修領域為研究方法,並專精於多種統計方法、配對法,近年並鑽研大數據文本分析研究法。他的博士論文處理美國極化政治下政黨團結度與民主課責性之間的關係,處理的課責問題包涵所得分配不均的政治影響、經濟投票以及政黨國家化。此外,他與Eric Chang合作於Taiwan Journal of Democracy出版有關於貪汙和政治信任的論文。

近期研究專注於台灣立法委員建立議題所有權的行為、立法組織以及黨團協商機制,相關著作已出版於Government and Opposition: An International Journal of Comparative Politics (SSCI)、Parliamentary Affairs (SSCI)、台灣民主季刊 (TSSCI)、東吳政治學報(TSSCI)等學術期刊。其中刊登於Parliamentary Affairs的論文How Formal Parliamentary Negotiation Affects Policy-Making獲得107年科技部博士後研究人員學術研究著作獎的肯定。

未來士豪將聚焦於運用否決者理論分析黨團協商的結果,並透過大數據文本分析研究台灣威權時期國會議員的總質詢,以使台灣國會研究能和比較國會、比較威權制度等文獻接軌 ,並增加台灣國際能見度。在立法研究之外,士豪也將會研究比較政治制度與自動化產業的發展,探討兩者之間的關聯,並解釋各國自動化產業發展的變異,此一研究於2019年獲得科技部年輕學者養成計畫(哥倫布計畫)的經費補助。



Comparative Political Institutions

Legislative Institutions and Behavior

Party and Elections


PhD., Department of Political Science, Michigan State University 

MA. Department of Political Science, National Chengchi University

BA. Department of Public Administration, National Chengchi University

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